Nicola Volpini - Network Engineer

I am Nicola, and I love IT challenges.

Finding the right solutions is my job and my passion: I combine my knowledge in networking and system administration to provide solutions for the small and medium businesses. I can provide your company with the right tools to setup, manage, monitor and run your infrastructure. My past experiences with different technologies provide the means to deliver cost effective solutions, preferrably based on Open Source Software. Get in contact with me by dropping an email or let's have a friendly chat to discuss what can be improved in your infrastructure! In the meantime feel free to have a look at some of my completed projects.


  • Networking: IPV4 and IPV6 routing, switching and security; Cisco ASA and Cisco ACE 4710 Load Balancers; VyOS; Cumulus Linux;
  • Security and Firewalls: OpenBSD PF; Cisco ASA; IPSec and SSL VPN;
  • OS: Debian, Ubuntu, OpenBSD, Cumulus Linux, VyOS, Archlinux and Apple OSX; Installation and maintenance of the OS, services setup, Software installation and management;
  • Enterprise Technologies: OpenLDAP, Heimdal Kerberos, TACACS+, ISC DHCP, NSD, Unbound;
  • Public Cloud: Amazon AWS;
  • Linux Automation: automation with Puppet and Ansible, experience in designing modules/roles from scratch and in using existing modules;
  • System Monitoring: Zabbix; Observium; Smokeping;
  • HA/Cluster: Corosync/CMAN/Pacemaker;
  • Virtualization: Linux KVM/Qemu virtualization;
  • Hardware Installation and maintenance: Experience with Dell, SuperMicro and HP server hardware;
  • Scripting/programming:Bash scripting; Python;


  • Zabbix 2.0 for Large Environments - Certified in November 2013

Former Certifications

  • Cisco CCIE v.4.0 RS Written - Certified in March 2014
  • Cisco CCNP v.5.0 RS Certified in March 2011
  • Cisco CCNA v.4.0 Exploration - Certified in June 2009
  • Cisco CCAI CCNA - Certified in July 2010